10 Tips For Successful Facebook Page

10 important tips and tricks for you to make your Facebook Fan Page to be successful in 2013.
10 Tips For Successful Facebook PageNo matter if you are person, company or brand everyone wants to have a page for your Facebook fans and thus be part of this social media with over 500 million users around the world which has become the most popular social networking changing the rules for communication, advertising and business.

The constant updating of Facebook plus options, and dynamic applications makes it necessary not only to use the service, but also the understanding.

Therefore, we share some tips and tools that you can apply to your Fan Page on Facebook and win more supporters.

Tips And Apps To Install On Your Fan Page

Remember that the user profile is for people and the Fan Page are more suitable for brands, companies, products and services.

Nobody wants to follow a brand of laundry soap, people want to follow people, so learn to place the contents in place.

Facebook allows you to add applications to your Fan Page to benefit the interaction with your followers depending on the content you want to share and analyse.

Here are some tools that can improve your Fan Page on Facebook:

1. The Basics: Remember to add a description to your Fan Page where you make it clear what it is about, if you’re a brand or person, what product or service you offer.

2. Other social networks: Try to know about your Fan Page on other social networks and blog has to be visible management.

3. Like Button: If you have a blog you can add buttons to the content that encourage users to visit your site on Facebook and become Fans.

4. Customize your URL: Do not forget to customize the direction of your Fan Page, for example, the Web page is http://www.facebook.com/techoptimize Masters to make it easy to associate with the brand and you can remember .
5. Involver: is a marketing platform, with extensive experience advising companies and brands. They run a gallery of applications to install on Facebook and can help in improving your Fan Page. I recommend that you review the applications: YouTube Channel, Promotion Gallery, Flickr, Twitter, PDF’sy Poll.

6. Static FBML: is perhaps the most basic option to customize your Fan Page, you can add custom tabs or small boxes on your Fan Page with specific information. All you have to do is select the Static FBML application on Facebook and add it to your pages, then you customize.

7. Added Value: inside are some applications that allow you to bring added value to your fans, for example, you can create and share content so that only your fans can visualize and create promotions and discounts.

8. Communication Strategy: not just about creating a page and wait for it to reach fans. It is necessary that all media as they have a strategy. Check out this article on 5 elements for your Fan Page successful.

9. Facebook Notes: With this application you can generate an automatic update of your content published on your blog or website through the RSS subscription. Each article published allows fans to participate through comments.

10. Watch Your Fan Page: after creating your Fan Page you follow up on the Fans, content and stay active in it. Remember it is a channel of communication and you must learn to listen to the comments of the participants for companies and brands is a feedback channel where they can find many opinions to improve their product or service.

Remember that Facebook pages can help improve communication, companies and brands use them in various ways and has even created a professional profile for those who are in charge of your social accounts the famous Community Manager.

Perhaps you did not know but if you spend more than 50% of your time analyzing data from social networks your company you have become responsible for social communication thereof and ideas on strategy, advertising and communications are valid and indispensable.



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