2018 Horror Film Premieres: Remainder Of The Year

Horror movies are a world apart. Unlike most films that come to theaters, rarely have famous actors, budgets tend to be discreet and the box office result tends to be a mystery.

We do not know what to expect, until a horror movie that breaks the mold and catapults as the success of the year appears out of nowhere. It has happened with “The Blair Witch Project” (1999), “Paranormal Activity” (2007), and “The Conjuring” (2013) to name a few examples.

This year, the surprise is “A place in silence”, which with an original story and a good performance, has managed to sneak into the most viewed movies of the year, in the midst of so many superhero films. But can there be surprises yet?

The following horror film premieres for the remainder of 2018 promise:

12 Hours to Survive: The start (The First Purge)

Fourth installment of the Dystopian saga “12 Hours to Survive”, this movie will be a prequel to the first. Although the previous installments have not had good reviews, with low budget they are achieving a huge box office success, So fans should have.

Premiere: July 2018

Slender Man

Supernatural horror of that that does not seem apt for impressionable. It is one of the horror film premieres of 2018 that generates more expectation.

Premiere: August 2018

Down To Dark Hall

Uma Thurman takes command of an exclusive boarding school where exams will not be the biggest concern.

Premiere: August 2018

The Nun

After the great success of the horror film that was “The spell”, comes this film based on one of the terrifying characters in the series.

Premiere: September 2018

The Little Stranger

Based on the Sarah Waters novel of the same name, this British horror film features in its cast the talented Charlotte Rampling and Ruth Wilson, We have faith.

Premiere: September 2018

The house with a clock on its walls (The House with a Clock in Its Walls)

A lighter and more familiar horror cinema with touches of comedy and fantasy, plus two well-known faces as protagonists: Jack Black and Cate Blanchett.

Premiere: September 2018


A stainless saga. This will be the eleventh movie of “Halloween” but it is a new bet. The film will pass 40 years after the original film of 1978 and will be its continuation, leaving aside the sequels that have been done. Jamie Lee Curtis will play Laurie Strode again.

Premiere: October 2018


Remake of the 1977 classic directed by Dario Argento, “Suspiria” will have in its cast Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton and ChloĆ« Grace Moretz. The trailer, at least, is disturbing.

Premiere: November 2018



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