4 Easy Tips To Increase Your Mac Speed

Like Windows, the performance of a macOS device will decrease over time. Application processing slows down and even crashes. Some devices have longer boot times than usual. When the operating system update, hardware doesn’t respond quick enough to makes the machine operations efficient.

4 Easy Tips To Increase Your Mac SpeedTo improve the speed of the Mac, as well as troubleshooting, Apple has come up with some useful solutions which are listed below:

Turn Off Image Effects

macOS is a nice operating system. But to display animations and transparency effects, the device needs to run multiple processes. Users should turn off these effects to run fast. Especially for those who open many programs and websites at the same time.

image effects macGo to Apple menu> System Preferences> Accessibility> Display , select Reduce transparency and Reduce motion. The interface becomes simpler, and the device works faster.

In addition, we can use TinkerTool to install images. This program is free. It owns many additional installers that the integrated applications do not have. For example, TinkerTool can turn off the animations in the Finder and show up on the Launchpad.

Check System Usage

When your computer is slow, you can use Activity Monitor to check your system’s resources. It shows which programs and applications are running on the device.

check system statusActivity Monitor reports the CPU usage, RAM, and processing time of those programs. Activity Monitor also graphs the CPU usage, RAM usage. Users can turn off unnecessary, resource-intensive programs. When we encounter a strange program, we can press the “i” button to find out more information about it. The app is on the Spotlight.

Free Up Hard Drive

When the user stores too much data, the hard drive becomes full, the device becomes slow. To fix the problem, go to Apple menu> About this Mac> Storage and delete unnecessary files using the Manage button. MacOS prior to September 2016 does not have this feature.

free up hard driveIn addition, users can save pictures, movies … on the Cloud with the Store button in iCloud. When you choose Optimize Storage, your device will go to iTunes and Mail, look for files that have been saved on the cloud, and then delete them. Users can go to Reduce Clutter> Review files and delete unnecessary or heavy folders.

Prevent Program from Opening Automatically

When macOS starts, many programs pop up. This is sometimes useful. For example, Dropbox, it needs to run continuously to sync data. However, too many open applications will make the device boot longer. They limit the CPU usage, the RAM of the program that the user wants to open.

Fix it by going to the Apple menu> System Preferences> Users & Groups> Login Items to see the self-open programs. Users can drop or add applications to this list.



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