5 Weapons With The Most Damage In PUBG

5 Weapons With The Most Damage In PUBGWith these 5 weapons, players can easily defeat opponents with a precise shot phase.

1. AWM- Basic damage 120

This is the strongest gun in PUBG to date. In addition, the range and speed of bullets of this gun are also very fast. The player can take down the opponent with a 3-cap at a distance of 500 m with a single bullet in the head. However, this weapon is a rare type, you can only find in random drop support tanks.

2. Crossbows – Basic damage 105

The biggest advantage of this weapon is to defeat the opponent but not to make a sound. However, its reload speed is quite slow and its use is also limited, not as flexible as the guns.

3. M24 – Basic damage 79

If AWM cannot be found in support boxes, M24 will be a good replacement. It can easily handle enemies with caps. 2.

4. Kar98K – Basic damage 75

This is the most popular sniper gun in PUBG. Kar98K can be found in many places on the map. The downside of this gun lies in the relatively slow time of reloading compared to other sniper rifles.

5. Winchester Model 1894 (Win94) – Basic damage 66

Gun is suitable for sniper purposes at the beginning of the game. However, the drawback of this gun is that it cannot use any other accessories other than bullet bags to increase the time it takes to replace bullets.



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