Windows Lightweight Edition Available For Surfing the Web

Windows Lightweight Edition Available For Surfing the Web: Polaris is a new version of Windows for light tasks such as surfing the web, checking mail and watching videos online.Windows Lightweight Edition Available For Surfing the WebThe Polaris operating system is Microsoft’s next attempt to personalize Windows since Windows RT. Windows RT is a limited version of Windows with the Windows Store app store (later renamed Microsoft Store) but failed due to lack of applications and was not supported by OEMs.

Do not give up, Microsoft continues to test new ideas with Windows 10 S, which is actually a more modern version of Windows RT but has more applications, and importantly, support for upgrading to Windows 10 Pro if the person want to.

Seems Windows 10 S is just the beginning of a larger plan, including a new operating system codenamed Polaris, scheduled to launch next year.

With Windows Polaris, Microsoft wants to provide users with a lighter version of Windows 10, which is geared towards users who do not use the popular Win32 memory applications like Photoshop, but surf the Web, read mail, or watch videos. multimedia.

Applications for these types of tasks are available on the Microsoft Store or by Microsoft itself. According to Windows Central, to make this version of the operating system as light as possible, Microsoft will completely remove support for Win32.

That means that Polaris will lack the same advanced features found in the full version of Windows 10. But in return, Polaris will run faster, more synchronized and safer.

In an effort to compete with iOS and ChromeOS, which fully supports its own ecosystem, Polaris allows users to run Win32 applications in a virtualized environment.

This idea comes from the fact that many users are mainly surfing or chit chatting without any additional needs. Microsoft will have a dedicated operating system for this purpose, of course it will be lighter and without the complex features that users do not need, and even do not know about their existence.

Polaris is expected to launch in 2019, and Microsoft has made some changes to make it easier for users to get access to the operating system.



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