6 Actors Who Grew Up Within A Sect

Following this popularity, and with the ScreenRant article as a source, we wanted to collect some cases of actors and actresses who lived in an environment very similar to that presented by the documentary by Maclain and Chapman Way. While many of these celebrities lived in communes, some became a religious sect – in fact, Children of God is considered quite dangerous.


The Stranger Things actress grew up in a commune called Rainbow, which was in northern California. Some eight families lived in the same land, but they did not have electricity. Instead, Winona surmounted literature as a hobby. Of course, its principles were nonviolence and egalitarianism, but they also had a dark side, since they were linked to drug abuse and theft.


The actors David and Patricia Arquette grew up in a community where they did not have electricity, bathrooms or running water. The funny thing is that the community, according to ScreenRant, was founded by Arquette himself, who thought it would be a perfect environment to raise their children. Unfortunately, the parents of both actors had problems with drugs and used to act with violence on a day-to-day basis.


The protagonist of Charmed Ones grew up in the Children of God sect in Italy. Of the different cases on this list, this sect is probably the most dangerous. Since the female members of the community had to express their love for God with sexual relationships.

According to the ScreenRant media, several ex-members, including the founder’s daughter, described the sect as a nest of child sex. The actress, as a child, was against the norms of the sect, such as not seeing relatives who were outside the group or not being able to consult a newspaper or television, as well as the way in which women were treated.


Joaquin Phoenix’s family belonged to the same religious group as Rose McGowan. In the words of the actor himself, his parents had a very strong religious experience and wanted to share it with other people. In fact, they traveled through South and Central America as members of Children of God. Like McGowan, Phoenix also remembers that there were very inappropriate sexual behaviors involving children.

When his parents discovered that the group had more than religious goals, they abandoned him and moved to Los Angeles.


The Sneaky Pete actor is a very active member of Scientology. His parents joined in 1970, when the group needed people who worked for very little money and with long-term contracts. Giovanni has continued inside the church and defends his principles.

The Scientology website collects these statements from Ribisi: “Scientology has given me security, I have the ability to communicate comfortably with anyone in any situation and be sure of my goals .” His status as a famous actor has allowed him to have certain privileges, but this affiliation has also caused some problems with his daughter, who has left the group.


Another actress who would not have imagined that she belongs to this community is Elisabeth Moss , but yes, the Mad Men actress also supports the ideas of Scientology.

Moss came to this church from the hand of her parents, when she was still very young. The ScreenRant article points out that the actress’s career has been guided by Gay Ribisi, Giovanni Ribisi’s mother, and that many of her classmates have helped her to gain a foothold in Hollywood.



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