8 Exclusive Gadgets for iPhone Lovers

Most Useful Gadgets and Accessories for iPhone Users: With the rise of the iPhone in the smartphone market, a lot of Gadgets and Accessories appeared to make the iPhone better experience.

iphone external lensThe most popular and rather more common than may encounter are speakers, headphones and cases. Prices vary for these interesting and cool iPhone gadgets, perhaps because some of them are the best that can be found in its category but there are other cheaper and more accessible.

However, remember that quality comes with a price. While on the road, one thing can even end the most experienced iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s users, a dead battery.

Here are the 8 exclusive Gadgets for iPhone lovers for a better experience.

1. iPhone Charging Bags

iPhone Charging BagsiPhone charging bags are useful if you are traveling last minute or on a tight schedule, you may not know where or when you sleep. This is essentially a type of bag but is designed more for a better iPhone experience. These charging bags can store enough power to recharge your iPhone twice. You can buy a better iPhone charging bag from EverPurse and KickStarter.

2. Charging Pots

iphone charging potsCharging pots are the most innovative devices to charge iPhone. This gadget is a mobile phone charger, but are more fake grass to hide the complicated cables. You can buy charging pots from Houzz.com.

3. Mini Photo Printer

mini photo printer for iphoneFujifilm and Canon printers have small images for iPhone and smart phones in general. Carrying this gadget, you can print images directly to your friends.

4. Small Size Projector

iphone mini projectorThis gadget is ideal for small meetings organized regularly, but afraid to use bulky projectors. The disadvantage of this projector is not higher resolution (640 x 360 pixels) and time shown quite limited.

5. Classic Lens for iPhone

classic lens for iphoneThis gadget makes the iPhone camera can take pictures with Vintage Effects like Instagram.

6. GamePad for iPhone

gamepads for iphoneThe gadget is quite familiar with the game map in the iPhone, allowing users to conquer these titles have a complex control system.

7. Photographic Lens

external lens for iphone cameraQX10 and QX100 are two lenses have the still image function for the highest quality of smartphones today. Basically, they are digital cameras with sharp lens. When connected to the smartphone, smartphone screen will act as a viewfinder.

8. Credit Card Reader

Credit Card Reader for iphoneiPhone credit card readers are a good option, if you can accept credit cards as payment to significantly increase sales for your business. Moreover, if you can process payments directly on your smartphone, you can boost sales further, especially if your business is not always at a single physical location is limited. Maybe you are researching the mobile card processing credit because you provide goods or services directly to customers on site or at fairs and local markets. Some popular iPhone Credit Card readers are PayPal Here, Amazon Local Register and SecureNet Payments. These are useful when users want to pay without cash. These devices will be connected to the iPhone via the 3.5mm jack and interact with an application.




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