Adobe Database Hacked Oct 2013

Adobe database hacked: 2.9 million users  data is been stolen by hackers .Stolen data like set name, credit card number or debit card number is encrypted, expiration date and other information. Adobe Database Hacked Oct 2013Adobe’s director of security said,  Adobe ‘s security team discovered a complex attacks against systems, including illegal access to information on customers, as well as the source of many Adobe products survey shows. attackers are now available for customer ID and password encryption in Adobe ‘s system.

According to him, it seems the credit card numbers and debit card numbers are encrypted by hackers. He said, “We are partners with law enforcement, and working hard to resolve the matter “

Adobe’s client data was stolen, and warned the number of credit card or debit card is damaged.

Adobe is investigating the theft of the source code of the product. Adobe does not believe that this will increase the infiltration of hackers that are used by the users.

Adobe has developed a computer program widely used in Acrobat Reader, Photoshop and web application development tool ColdFusion.



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