Adobe Launches LightRoom For iPad

Download Adobe Lightroom For iPad: Adobe has officially launched Lightroom version for the iPad, the iPhone will be the end of this year and in the future will be both for Android.
Adobe Launches LightRoom For iPadLightroom is an image editing application on a powerful computer, the iPad will have most of the basic functions of a photo editing tool but still lacks some key functions which only the version of the machine properties.

In addition the Lightroom for iPad also two-way sync automatically with your photo repository on Creative Cloud (CC). Now you can download for free on the App Store Lightroom but want to use it you must register package of Adobe CC account with the lowest price is $9.99/month.
Adobe LightRoom prices For iPadSaid Adobe’s Lightroom photo editing iPad supports RAW, RAW files are compressed into a smaller file size to speed up the editing process helps the user to work uninterrupted by file size too heavy, even a first generation iPad mini can also work smoothly with the Lightroom application.

The appearance of Lightroom for iPad app would be a great thing for those who specialize in photo editing because they can start or continue editing your picture anytime and anywhere without computer, all actions will be synchronized to the computer via CC and iPad can work on a picture.

The $9.99/month subscription fee to use if you have previously purchased this package then just type into account and use Lightroom, it was not mandatory to use the new registration or if you just buy 5 new Lightroom software packages without buying CC is also unavailable.

Some key features of Lightroom for iPad:

  • RAW file support.
  • Show Histogram.
  • Basic editing: white balance, color temperature, EV, Contrast, Highlight, Shadow, Clarity.
  • Applying a Preset (effects) of the basic Lightroom.
  • Crop image according to the given ratio.
  • Automatically synchronize with Lightroom photo repository on the computer (via CC).


  • No adjustable Tone Curve.
  • No support for changing colors in each panel Color.
  • Do not use the external preset (the preset default only).

Get Trial Version For iPad: Adobe Lightroom



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