Adult Bite Adverts While Playing Simon’s Cat Game

The UK’s advertising regulator has interfered when an adult ad start appearing within a video game app that is popular among children.


This ad which comes as a pop-up included a “temporary tattoo” that resembled an intense bite mark, positioned on a woman’s shoulder.



This ad appeared during the match-puzzle title Simon’s Cat Crunch for the first time in July. But, the makers of the ad didn’t respond to the complaint.

Now finally The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) of UK spoke up. It said that the San Francisco-based company was responsible for this and they ordered the business to make sure that all of its ads are up to the mark and don’t breach any law.

ASA does not have the authority to implement fines itself but it can refer repeat offenders to Trading Standards body, which can then take further action as per required.

The Simon’s Cat game has been given 3 rating which means that it is quite suitable for anyone above the age of three and it has been downloaded more than one million times on Android and iOS devices. After all the complaints, the game’s publisher has also debarred from showing such ads to its products in the future.

Well! Obviously such content shouldn’t appear on apps for children and it can obviously be controlled.



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