After Passionated Kiss by Sara Salamo Reveals About Her Privacy

The actress, partner of the Real Madrid player, reveals that it is a “hell” to sleep with her and that she prefers to sleep alone.

The canary shared with her Twitter followers one on the auto corrector on her phone that seems to play a trick on her lately. The publication revealed more than a technical problem.

“The auto corrector of my mobile phone has been correcting me for two weeks ‘affection’ for ‘Carolo’. Any theory about it? “ The interpreter wrote.

Although the artist could go with this affectionate term to friends and family, the truth is that Internet users soon speculate on whether lately he used that word a lot in his messages to the player from Malaga.

His first kiss in public

Isco ? love ?

A post shared by ISCO (@iscouniverso) on

Isco Alarcon and Sara Salamo do not hide their love and the wave of cross messages on social networks has followed an image of the first kiss of the two young people in public.

The snapshot, which circulated on social networks in the last few hours, shows the midfielder and the actress in love and happiness in the street.

Sara Salamo: “It’s a hell to sleep with me”

Salamo confessed a few weeks ago one of his main flaws in an interview with Glamor magazine. And he has to put dozens of alarms to wake up in the morning.

It’s hell to sleep with me,” said the actress. “I love to sleep alone, I do not understand the people who sleep together because they take off the pillow, the sheet and everything, I am the one who prefers to sleep alone,” he concluded.



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