Alibaba Introduced New Internet TV in China

Alibaba Introduced New Internet TV with Haier Electronics in China: After building a prominent e-commerce business in China through computers and mobile phones, Alibaba Group is expanding in the living room with new Internet TV systems, complete with shopping and entertainment features.

Alibaba and Haier Internet TVAlibaba and his partner Haier Electronics launched new TVs in China on Wednesday that give user’s access to the markets of e-commerce company Taobao and Tmall online as well as movies and video games.

The new TVs with Haier Electronics represent Alibaba’s reborn into the Internet TV market. Last year, Alibaba launched a smart TV with another Chinese TV maker ‘Skyworth’, but the product did not gain much traction in part because of its online entertainment offerings were limited.

Chinese Internet TV market is filling with many technology companies eyeing this market. Chinese Web Search Engine Giant ‘Baidu’ and its manufacturing partner have launched TV supporting Baidu operating system, while the smartphone maker ‘Xiaomi’ also sells smart TVs.

Alibaba said online shopping offers new Internet TV items sold by a limited number of Taobao and Tmall traders who have obtained high reputation scores on selected websites. One of Alibaba’s spokeswoman said “Only merchants whose products and services have met high standards will be allowed on the platform of TV.” According to the company, over 200,000 items available through televisions – much less than the hundreds of millions of product listings on Taobao and Tmall PC websites.

According to the website of Haier, people who buy new Internet TVs receive coupons that can be used instead of cash for online purchases. The more expensive models with larger screen sizes come with more valuable coupons. For example, the model 55 inches larger, which costs 5,998 Yuan comes with coupons worth 2,410 Yuan.

Alibaba said the new TVs also offer entertainment programs from Lions Gate Entertainment, after the two companies announced a partnership in July that the U.S. Production studio’s movies and TV shows will be available through the Chinese company’s set-top boxes. The product description for the new TVs on the website of Haier sample promotional images from movies like Hummingbird and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, both distributed by Lions Gate.

Also available through the new TVs are games from various developers, including Japanese titles like Street Fighter Capcom and Konami World Soccer Winning Eleven 2014, according to Alibaba.

Haier TVs Alibaba-Internet are now available in three sizes – 42-inch models 48 inches and 55 inches. According to the website of Haier, two other models – models 40 inches and 32 inches – will also be part of the lineup.

News Resource/Credit: Wall Street Journal




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