Amazon Launched Its Best E-Reader Kindle Voyage 3G

It seems that fewer and fewer people read books go, with the emergence of many TV shows or game shows, hobbies other than easy consumption. Given that Amazon even launched a high-end book reader nearly doubled compared with the previous Kindle Paperwhite is whether they are successful or not is a big question to answer period.

Amazon Kindle Voyage Front Side With price $199, you can buy a tablet running Android supports both 3G Kindle Voyage should definitely not be for many, it is only suitable for those who are in high demand in reading, want protect their eyes or required reading in most conditions, from noon until the scorching sun lights the night.

Kindle Voyage 3G has a beautiful designed than the older Kindle Paperwhite, especially in the front. There is one point that you may not like Amazon Voyage is placed in the rear power button for a very strange place.Amazon Kindle Voyage 3G Back Side

In terms of size, Kindle Voyage is not much difference in width and length than Paperwhite but it is thinner and lighter compared with the previous Kindle. Therefore, Voyage will make you feel a lot more comfortable to use. Maybe this design in order to improve the entire PagePress, flip pages by touching the rim.

There is a small difference that we should be noted: backlight Good Voyage and spread over Paperwhite. When looking at you will feel like you are looking at a computer screen or even normal feeling self-luminous display, which are government, public sector does not go as Paperwhite darkened slightly. If you do not have to be difficult to meet the Paperwhite still very good.

Another difference in the display: Voyage with light sensor to change the backlight according to the environment, we do not need to manually adjust the backlight and especially little white blaze gold tone lighter than the Kindle Paperwhite. Many users like white light but if you read alone, yellow will be less dangerous for the eye.

In general, the screen changes are only part of the Amazon Voyage also want to emphasize most is a new type of control features through 4 sensors around PagePress machine. If in the first generation Kindle, users should click on the button next to the rim hard to turn the page, then the touch screen, then touch the screen and Amazon now carrying something in the middle to Voyage – you can turn the page just by touching the screen and tapping the rim, touch, not click.

Screen Size and Resolution

The Kindle Voyage has the best screen with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch. The more pixels smooched in an inch of the screen, everything looks better. If you compare Paperwhite and Voyage side by side, the difference is noticeable when you look at the graphs and a little less noticeable when you look in the text.

Reading Experience

Amazon Kindle Voyage Reading ExperienceAmazon equipped with the new screen resolution is not only larger but also improved a lot in the backlight. Compared with the previous Kindle, Amazon Kindle Voyage is much sharper, and when you are using the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, just like that. Compared to the Kindle Paperwhite from the computer screen is 4.7 to 720p FullHD, ie there is a difference, but not clear the old Kindle.


The standard Kindle lasts up to four weeks on a single charge, assuming an average reading time each day with the wireless turned off. Fully charges in four hours. The Voyage Kindle lasts up to six weeks on a single charge, assuming an average reading time each day with the wireless turned off and the light fixed at 10. FULLY charges in three hours.


That is the question. Adding a 3G cellular connection for Kindle Voyage adds $70 to the price tag but results in the ability to download books anywhere you have a signal AT & T, over 100 countries and territories are covered. No monthly service charges for downloading books, but may incur additional charges downloading magazines and other periodicals. If you read a lot of books and to continue downloading new ones frequently, especially while you’re in motion. The 3G version of what you are thinking Kindle is obvious. If you’re using the Kindle lot at home or you’ll be around accessible Wi-Fi networks, save the $ 70.


A step-up version with free 3G is also available for $269. In the US, both models require an additional charge of $20 to remove the ads embedded in the home screen and lock screen. This is not a big improvement over the existing Kindle, which is on sale with a package of 2GB to 4GB of memory. But it is a little thinner, measuring 7.6mm thick and weighing less than 181 grams. It also has an enhanced illumination program and high-resolution display is a little clearer, with better colors.

In addition, the new core at a price of $79 Kindle is a great option, no backlight for reading in the dark, but the screen so nice and quiet most of the 3 machines.

Here are some pros and cons, why should like Kindle Voyage:


– The screen is pleasing to the eye.

– Read anytime and anywhere

– Auto Adjusts the backlight brightness according to surrounding

– PagePress useful for left-handed users

– Best design lighter, thinner

– Unlimited Kindle and Amazon Prime


– No Waterproof



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