Another Level: Will ” Ill Will ” Ducas

Ill Will was born on January 11th, 1983 at Benedictine Hospital in Kingston, New York.  Ever since he was a kid Ill Will was into music.  His father, a local DJ introduced him into the Top Billboard songs.  As a teenager, Ill became interested in the Hip Hop scene.  He took the name Ill Will from some childhood friends he went to school with.  In 2001, Ill Will started making his own music and ILL WILL RECORDS (formerly known as Golden Productions) was born.  Ill now had a team of artists working together to achieve one goal, to get ..”..heard”.​  Since then, Ill has recorded three independently released albums.  His most recent album, “Another Level” is finished and available for purchasing.

Name: Will ” Ill Will ” Ducas
Album Title: Another Level EP
Website to preview/purchase my album:
For $20 they get a digital download of the album, physical copy of the CD and a poster.
Direct link to Follow Your Dreams

SoundCloud profile:
Source Flash Credit: Will ” Ill Will ” Ducas
Source Flash Credit: Will ” Ill Will ” Ducas


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