Apple And Samsung Accounts Over 60% Of U.S. Market

Apple and Samsung Accounts For Over 60% of U.S. Market: Two major manufacturer has maintained the first position in the table statistics in the U.S. market two years ago.
Samsung AccountsLatest results show that Apple accounted for 42 % market share in the U.S. , a significant increase compared with 35 % of you IV/2012.

Samsung also grew from 22% in the quarter to 26% in the quarter IV/2012 IV/2013.

LG holds about 10 % market share. NPD ‘s report said the number on two devices thanks to its nearest Korean electronics Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.

While Google’s Nexus brand extend market share contributed to LG, the Motorola handset business also make Google the company’s market share declined to par with LG.

Before piling up difficulties and internal crises, HTC market share slump in the past year. However, the situation is still brighter HTC BlackBerry . Column data market share performances of ‘black oil’ seems lost on the chart.

NPD ‘s report also indicates routine use of smart phones in the U.S.

The most prominent is that they are increasingly using more data than phone.

The total amount of data used per month up to 6.6 GB.

Half of the users in this market often use online music services (up from 40% previously).

The statistical results showed that the music service Pandora is the most popular online, iHeart Radio ranked right behind at No. 2.



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