Apple Fixed iPhone 6s Contacts and Photos Access Bug

Apple fixes the BugApple has fixed the bug where everyone had access to contacts and photos from the iPhone 6s and 6s plus longer due to vulnerability of Siri and 3D touch after do a search on Twitter using Siri.

The bug was found in the latest update of iOS 9.3.1, and provides access to a apple 6S or 6S plus devices without knowing the passwords thanks to Siri. To do this, it was enough to activate the voice wizard of Apple and request a publication in Twitter Search, With the function of 3D Touch can access the images.

The company was quick to remove the error from servers without updating. The Cupertino Company has chosen to require a password for all research from Siri on Twitter.

Thus, for the release of the phone, to end the error and third party access to photographs or data. Apple’s spokesman confirmed that they were aware of the Bug and the solution was not slow in coming: less than twenty-four hours to fix the bug without updating terminals.



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