Apple iPad Air Awarded The Best At MWC

At the Global Mobile Awards awarded by the GSMA (the organizers MWC), form the Apple iPad Air tablet was awarded the best.
Apple iPad AirLast year, Google Nexus 7 was the winner in this category. Apple usually turn away from Mobile World Congress and they do not bring their products to display here.

Therefore, the best tablet in the iPad Air does not appear in the exhibition event organized by the GSMA.

The description of iPad Air on Global Mobile Awards page reads – “iPad Air has only one pound weight, and 20% thinner and 28% lighter than the fourth-generation iPad”.

With retina display, this device displays web pages, text, images and video extremely sharp, true and new sources of savings A7 chip enable pin comes smaller, reduce the size to 24% compared to the previous generation that, while doubling the performance and maintain the battery life to 10 hours.

iPad Air was launched in 11/2013, and then after a few weeks, iPad mini launched.

According to media, Apple has sold 26 million iPads in the fourth quarter last year, an unprecedented record ever in the company.



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