Apple iWatch Upcomming Flexible OLED Display

Rumors of Upcoming Apple iWatch Flexible OLED Display: According to the latest news from DDaily Korean newspaper, Apple has chosen to partner with LG, the only production for iWatch smart watches.
Apple iWatch Upcomming Flexible OLED DisplayAs expected, the iWatch will be equipped with the technology curve OLED screen smartphone like the LG G Flex and will begin production in the third quarter of this year.

According to sources, the iWatch will screen POLED 1:52 (screen OLED plastic) on the phone like the LG G Flex.

This suggests that there may be curved screen displays the user’s wrist.

Recently, the screen of the LG has become known for the strength and flexibility allows handset G Flex can be bent without being broken under the impact force.

This is the most appropriate screen used for smart meter capital pleasant shock when worn.

The source also claims that the DDaily iWatch will start production from the 3rd quarter of this year is expected to give birth to the first 2 million units.

However, there is no information on selling official iWatch time to market, which predicted that Apple could sell iWatch right in this year’s holiday shopping season.

Notably, the rumor is, only a short time after publication, page Ddaily post was immediately removed from the its website but does not say why.

So this may just be a rumor that there is no actual proof of certainty.

Users must wait for the official announcement from Apple or LG to be able to clarifying information.



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