Apple Might Launch 4.7″ and 5.7″ Screen Size iPhone 6

Rumors About Apple – iPhone 6 Will Have Two Screen Size Of 4.7 ” and 5.7″: Multiple sources inside Foxconn has recently revealed that the iPhone 6 will have two versions, one property screen 4.7 ” screen and uses a 5.7″.
Apple Big Screen Size iPhone 6Another agent said the size of the iPhone screen Apple is testing even surpassing 5.7″ again. A top all models are assumed to integrate technology biometrics may be the fingerprint sensor has appeared on iPhone 5s .

Moment iPhone 6 launch will fall around September as it has in the past two years. Research firm beyond NPD DisplaySearch also used to do similar to what the source said Foxconn predictions, came out of safe zone, Apple and use the big screen is entirely probable.

Previously only iPhone premium segment orientation distribution, while the lower segment, Apple took the previous model and still sell at a cheaper price.

Yet last year, Apple launched the iPhone 5c, a new device, the smartphone market for medium games.

This is a move that the company had never done before.

Moreover, these larger screen Android devices has gradually so Apple will react to this situation with in order to attract customers to their side.



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