Art galleries! Next target of cyber-thieves

It has been reported that some Cyber-criminals are targeting art galleries and dealers with a scam email.


All other crimes were not enough for them that they now thought of doing this. Shame! According to the sources some attackers hack art dealer email accounts and sent their buyers a duplicate invoice with the different bank account details which are in their hold. The Art Newspaper has reported that numerous galleries in London and US have been affected. Various Art dealers have now warned people to beware of such scam bags. What scammers do is that they monitor the outgoing messages from art gallery email accounts and then seize invoices and change them.

The Rosenfeld Porcini gallery in London has been beguiled by one such scam. Mr Rosenfeld from the Art Newspaper told: “Around seven or eight hours after we had sent our invoice, the buyers got another email saying that the invoice we had sent out was in the wrong currency and that they should make payment to a different account”.

The gallery is still in discussions with the bank to try to recuperate the money



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