ASUS Transformer 3 Pro with Core i5 / i7 Processors On Hands Computex 2016

Asus Transfermer pro 3 fullASUS Transform 3 Pro, Core i5 and i7 Processors With Thunderbolt 3 Technology: ASUS Transformer 3 Pro can see the answer of ASUS for Microsoft by design and how its use is similar 4. Surface Pro tablet with a kickstand design, can be folded to more than 145 degrees, area QHD screen of 12.6, with Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, comes with it is the integrated desktop keyboard mouse, removable and folds to protect the screen.

asus transformer 3 pro foldedOverall design of the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro comes with good finishing better than the lower models in the segment. Pretty rugged enclosure with some metal components, especially the base has certainly hinges. Brackets can extend over 145 degrees to create the keystrokes on the screen when placed on the table.

asus transformer 3 pro left sideTransformer 3 Pro’s strength is the integration of USB 3.0 and HDMI port standard size, makes connections to external devices easier, without having to switch adapter. Of course, the most prominent is still connected Thundertbolt 3, when used with accessories, the machine can switch resolution to be 2 4K resolution screen, or connect to the graphics card docking ROG XG Station 2 expansion.

asus transformer 3 pro at computex 2016ASUS tranformer 3 Pro screen size is 12.6 with the ratio of 3: 2, 2, 880 x 1920 resolution pixels with 121% coverage in the range sRGB colors. The size of the Surface Pro marginally better with a thickness of 8.35 mm is roughly equivalent. This is nearly identical to the size of A4 paper.

asus transformer 3 pro keyboardComes with the standard keyboard with backlight which is connected to the lower edge with 6 projectors contact with magnets. Keyboard for comfortable typing feel, similar to Microsoft’s Type Cover 3, not including the fingerprint sensor.

asus transformer 3 proOn the hardware side, ASUS equipped with the best hardware applied to tablet line under 1 cm thin covers processors Core i5 / i7 Skylake-U, supporting up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM, Intel HD Graphics 520 graphics, x4 PCIe hard drive up to 1TB, full Wi-Fi connection from ac to Bluetooth 4.1. In addition, Thunderbolt connectivity via USB-C 3 also supports scalable discrete graphics system, the ability to meet virtual reality VR gaming.

Apparently making this product also showed ASUS is becoming more practical to follow a computer model 2-for-1 common, instead think of many types of computers as well as hybrid combinations with the phone. ASUS Transformer 3 Pro with a starting price of around 999 USD will have a competitive advantage compared with Microsoft Surface Pro 4.



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