Avengers: Infinity War Review – Villains and Superheroes of Marvel Delivered Their Best Performance

From 2008 until now, we have seen and devoured 18 Marvel movies. Some of us loved, enjoyed and revered, some of us us breathless in particular, and of course, many were forgetful.

Avengers Infinity War ReviewOur superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America and our beloved band of Guardians of the Galaxy have headed their independent businesses with authority and poise and we have carefully followed their stories.

But then comes Avengers: Infinity War, which unites most of our heroes. And from the beginning, it is the dream of all Marvel fans, to see their idols speaking under the single roof.

What could be better than seeing Starlord and Iron Man fighting verbally?

However, this is not just an ambitious crossover movie to delight fans. It is much more than a meeting of all the superheroes. You can not watch Avengers Infinity War in isolation, or just watch previous Avengers movies, you must retrace your steps until 2008, back to Iron Man.

Avengers: Infinity War, directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, might sound like a typical Marvel superhero movie at first. But as he goes, he realizes that this movie has a different place in Marvel’s story.

We’re going to cut it for good.

As we already know, the Avengers have separated and are scattered all over the world. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) and Captain America (Chris Evans) are not on the best terms, and the romance that once flourished between Bruce Banner or Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) was knocked down.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth), as we saw in Thor Ragnarok, is trying to retrieve his hammer, which was destroyed by his sister Hela.

However, this is not the time for the confrontations of ego and anger, since the epitome of villainy, the imposing monster Thanos (Josh Brolin), is on a macabre mission to annihilate half of the universe. He desperately needs the six infinite stones. Thanos has been referenced in several films before, and finally gets to take center stage in this film. And we have the first proof of the pure evil that Thanos is capable of, in the opening scene itself.

If Thanos takes possession of the six infinity stones, he can destroy half of the universe with just a snap of his fingers.

He is an angry creature, and he does not hesitate to punish, but he is also one of much more depth than any other villain we have seen before.

Far from being a one-dimensional villain, a common feature of many Marvel films, it is probably the most compelling after Killmonger from the movie Black Panther.

While for the most part he demonstrates his brutality pure power, he also has to fight against his own demons while making his decisions. But unfortunately, these elections are not only difficult for him, they are also a blow to the stomach for the audience.

The locations of some of these infinity stones are no secret, Dr. Strange has one, and Vision has another, which is embedded in his head. The others are scattered on different planets.

Clearly, the Russo brothers wanted each character to shine. And how did you tackle this arduous task of juggling 30 characters with their numerous and different storylines? The superheroes segregated into several teams. Be it intergalactic battles, or back to Wakanda, the African utopia where the Black Panther reigns, we are trapped in different parts of the universe, and you do not even have time to breathe.

And so, each team of superheroes will do whatever is necessary to defeat Thanos, regardless of the sacrifice that may cost them.

With a pace of more than 156 minutes with a restless narration, the film is also strong in its humor game, a trademark of Marvel. Those of a line are bright and clear, and add the touch of perfect humor to dark situations. These little funny exchanges are deliciously embedded like gems in a cake.

It’s a real joy to see Thor dealing with the Guardians of Galaxy or Spider-Man saving the day because of his knowledge of pop culture.

But do not get carried away. If the Russo brothers let you laugh at one point, they break your heart in the next. And that’s the brilliance of Avengers: Infinity War, combining fast-paced action, desperation, humor, triumph and awe in a super package for your audience.

It ends with a shocking cliffhanger, and the post-credits do not seem to give answers either.

Avengers: Infinity War leaves you breathless and wanting more. It’s by far the best production of all Marvel movies.



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