Best Free Photo Editing Apps For Windows Phone 8

Best Free Image Editing Applications For Windows Phone 8 and 8.1: Many Windows phones now have very good imaging capabilities that help our users more opportunities to capture beautiful images of these precious moments.
windows phone 8 photo editing apps However, the photos do not always perfectly done, sometimes you have to tweak it a bit for my job better and more impressive. Today I want to introduce you to a free Windows Phone application has the ability to do that. If you or spend some software that is not listed, please share with everyone right on this issue. More: The application supports taking snapshots on Windows Phone 8

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express image editing app for Windows Phone 8This is a free photo editor with lots of features such as the stealing cup shape, align, rotate, and flip the photo, red-eye removal, automatic photo retouching for beauty. In addition, you can adjust the parameters of exposure, contrast, sharpness, along with 20 different color effects to make the same picture becomes more pressing. Next when you are done you can adjust quickly share to Facebook, Instagram and many other social networks. Adobe offers two expansion packs for their ability to reduce noise and other settings of the fun, but you have to buy them through forms in-app purchase.

Experiment with Photoshop Express shows adjusted results impressive, good processing speed, even with a segment of mid-range phones like Lumia 730, while the high-end line 9XX or 1520, there is nothing more to discuss. QuickFix feature of the application is great too because it automatically tweak the picture settings for better pictures, and in many cases only quickfix all problems will be solved. Activate quickfix by pressing the button in wand shaped, which is located on the edge of the screen.

Adobe Photoshop Express Download Here


windows phone 8 image editing app FOTORFotor is no Photoshop, but it’s simple, fun, and works well for basic image editing. There are a number of photo editing utilities out there, but I’m impressed with Fotor, now available for Windows Phone 8 handsets. Along with the expected filters of a photo editing app, it has more traditional sliders to deal with saturation, brightness, and contrast. When you launch Fotor, it lets you open an existing photo to edit, or start working on a collage. It also comes with six sample photos arranged in an attractive grid, to get you started. The simplest way to get a feel for what Fotor is like is to click a sample photo. Do that, and you’ll find yourself in the editing interface. Another feature of this software is to maintain the shape of the resolution of the original image and the right quality to what tune rather than reduce, compress. The result is governed by Fotor image can be viewed on a computer, iPad, or share high resolution up on Facebook or Flickr. In Fotor also favorites to take effect or for which we can be easily accessed when needed. You can also become framed funny pictures, have more fun.

Download Fotor Here


windows phone 8 image editing app FHOTOROOMFhotoroom prominent in the preset made ​​available by application. It is in effect a very unique color can transform an ordinary photograph becomes extremely Art with a unique touch. With such a preset, you can adjust the intensity of effects to suit style preferences and your photography. Two other features that I really like in that Fhotoroom are Verticle Mirror ‘V’ and Horizontal Mirror ‘H’. These great options will create a mirror image of the picture and depending on your creativity that will result in ample jog. Alternatively, you can also perform some basic operations such as cutting images, alignment, brightness, color saturation, red eye removal, undo last operation performed, Tilt-Shift image editing. Fhotoroom editing support with a maximum image resolution of up to 22 megapixel, then there are 26 different frames to make your pictures look better.

Download Fhotoroom Here


windows phone 8 image editing app PhototasticPhototastic will help you make an extremely simple form. App loading is provided with many different local, from the second pair to form 4 and form 6 general even in a big picture. When pairing, you can easily move the thumbnails cropped to fit, insert text, change background image, add the paste even fun stickers for more photos. In case you want to organize them yourself but do not want to spend layouts available, the free to meet this demand.

Download Phototastic Here

Pencil Sketch Collage

windows phone 8 image editing app Pencil SketchPencil Sketch is one of the best photo editing app which outline the most impressive , not just on Windows Phone, but also in the smartphone market. This App will use a picture you took from the phone’s camera and then convert it into an image many lines drawn in pencil. Pencil Sketch offers a variety of options and brushstrokes of different colors so you can turn your photos into something very new but still has many classic features of the drawing pen. Try Pencil Sketch with portrait photographs or architecture, you will see great results there.

Download Pencil Sketch Collage Here



  1. Hey Junaid,

    Thank you for this post.. One of my friend is also using iphone and he mostly capture snaps via using this

    Fhotoroom App. This app helps to improve the quality of the picture and also allow user to edit the picture manually. Its a awsum app.. But i would like to know that there is a app called Camera 360 which is available for Android Smartphones. Is that app is also supported by iphone..

    Harish Bali


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