Black Panther: Spectacular New Illustrated Poster

A new poster of the film ‘Black Panther’ arrives, counting on the main character of the new Marvel saga as its central axis. All within a few weeks of the world premiere of the ambitious overproduction.

Source Credit : Marvel

The world premiere of the Marvel comic action film ‘Black Panther’ is one of the most anticipated of the year. Now we can also see a new illustrated poster with the main character as the main axis.

A poster that arrives to few weeks of the opening in cinemas of the production carried out by Chadwick Boseman. A powerful start of the franchise that will surely give new blockbusters joys to their responsible.

The character of Black Panther will be within the argument of ‘The Avengers 3’ and ‘The Avengers 4’, with its premiere located in May 2018 and May 2019 respectively, which highlights its great relevance in the future of the brand.

Black Panther debuted inside the plot of ‘Captain America 3 Civil War’, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. Being one of the main characters of the film.



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