BlackBerry Hot Favorite Smartphone 2013

BlackBerry Current Favorite Phone: According to many players, from around 2000 onwards is about golden period of BlackBerry playboy.
BlackBerry 2013 smartphone Meanwhile, one of the machine running OS 4, line monochrome display with the laptop through the outside or from the main stem.

Before and after the iPhone, Android appears BlackBerry is one of the communities most numerous activities.

However, the success of the iPhone, the Galaxy model with a touch screen, rich applications to BlackBerry users switching to iOS, Android.

RIM though slow, is still a form of mobile sensors but with the power rushing attack of the different brands, BlackBerry fewer players.

Here are 10 BlackBerry users Vietnamese favorite period less than 10 years of this model landed, became mainstream.

This model does not have many features in addition to style bunkers, call support and find contacts, instant messaging.

The machine has been sold several stores for about $ 500,000. 6710 is one of the BlackBerry divine, owning classic design monochrome screen, the model is massively into Vietnam from China.

The majority of those present in 2007 were older devices, made the cover and costs about 600,000 to 700,000. This generation has a color screen BlackBerry the original models are sold at a price close to a million and also made the same as line 6700.

It supports Bluetooth connectivity which allows the email. The first generation BlackBerry with the right wheel is very handy.

The Pearl seemed to not be selected by the lake and tunnel designs not using a standard keyboard however a large number of women who used to own this product.

It has a compact design, use of marbles rolling easy to use controls, 1.3 megapixel cameras.

This is one of the model supports multimedia entertainment BlackBerry.



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