BlackBerry Memorable Milestone: Each is a pioneer and a guiding light in the mobile market BlackBerry  is in extremely bad condition.
BlackBerry Memorable MilestoneOnly in the past few years, Apple’s iPhone and smartphones running Google’s Android operating system has emerged and occupied 90% of the mobile market.

Have trouble losing users poor sales even BlackBerry plans to sell yourself.

So no more appropriate time to look back at this wheel BlackBerry has come in the past 3 decades.

1984: Year of establishment
The duo engineering students Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin  established company Research In Motion  in 1984 in Waterloo, Canada.

The first year the company developing wireless data technology standards based Mobitex.

RIM modem development and pagers, paving the way for mobile devices in the future.

Accept wages by 60%, home mortgage, investing £ 160,000 in RIM, Jim Balsillie has bet a large plank joining the company in 1992.

He brought to account business acumen, with the ability to eat and the duo of Lazaridis and held the position of CEO of RIM next 2 decades.

1998: The first BlackBerry

Pagers RIM 900 Inter @ ctive launched in 1996. It can slide up to reveal a small keyboard next to a small screen not just messaging but also can send faxes, send and receive invoices.

It can also send and receive email but not the 1998, RIM 950 Wireless Handheld is a new BlackBerry phone first.

The positive reviews help RIM established important partnerships with IBM, Bell South Wireless and Rogers Cantel.

BlackBerry email service continues to launch next year. Then, the Nasdaq and the company earned more than 150 million pounds.

2001: NTP conditions RIM

RIM is the company NTP infringement litigation and patent rights are unfavorable court judgment.

Whatever fight back RIM is still losing and have lost £ 390 million in 2006 to mediate.

However, the case shows the popularity of the BlackBerry brand, to force the U.S. Department of Justice as a hand in the case the network collapsed due warning depends on the BlackBerry.

In addition, the BlackBerry network also provides support tools immediately after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, when the phone system New York and Washington could not handle all requests.

Go in 2006, RIM has nearly 5 million BlackBerry subscribers and net income was 240 million pounds.


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