Bluetooth Headset Sales Exceeded In US

bluetooth headsetsNPD’s recent report showed that sales of wireless bluetooth headsets for the first time exceeded than the other headphones in the US last June.

Thw world’s most vibrant brand Beats/Apple are growing in sales, as well as some other headsets brands such as LG, Bose, JayBird.

First six months of 2016 saw the growth of Bluetooth headsets as it accounts for 54% of revenues and 17% of sales compared to the other types of headphones.

Beats and LG are the two biggest brands of Bluetooth headsets in the US, accounting for about 65% both in the first half 2016 revenue, followed by the familiar names including Bose, JayBird and Skullcandy.

Reason for the growth of the Bluetooth headset that’s according to NPD promotional campaigns, new products and attractive prices.

About 30% of the headset is priced at just 50 USD or lower, this price range in 2015 is only about 6% only.

bluetooth headsetsBen Arnold analyst of NPD predicts Bluetooth headset market will be more active in the future, especially when Apple is likely to give the new iPhone 3.5mm port, forcing users to choose headphones Lightning port either buy a Bluetooth headset.



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