What Is The Bottom Line For Virtual Currency?

Bitcoin has dropped to 22% just after the first few days of February

As per information that in the first session of the week on 5.2, virtual Bitcoin prices in London (UK) fell 10% to $ 7,722 / coin.

As a result, Bitcoin dropped to 22% just in the first few days of February, and was only 40% below 19,511 per coin in December 2017. Many virtual currencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin lost about 13%, 28% and 26%, respectively, in the past week.

This situation means that a huge amount of money has flowed out of the account of investors and warned about the risk that the experts when Bitcoin continuously raised prices have come true. Except for early investors or “sharks” speculation, who “money” when the market is too hot, so far no damage.

However, it is more than likely that some people will have to accept the “loss” because the reality of virtual currency seems to be bottoming out in the context of many governments, as well as traditional financial systems. There are many moves to prevent virtual currency. Bitcoin prices have fallen sharply, as many European banks have banned the use of credit cards to sell virtual currency.

In fact, it is easy for governments and banks to stop the growth of virtual currency. Although there are many outstanding features, the recent hacking attacks, as well as the lack of legal framework, show that more need for more “virtual” maturity



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