Bryan Singer, Director of X-Men Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Rape of 17-Year Old

Bryan Singer, Director of X-Men Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Rape of 17-Year Old: Bryan Singer is once again under investigation for sexual assault.

Bryan SingerBryan Singer, the director of many “X-Men” movies accused of forcing a 17-year old boy to perform oral sex.

Bryan Singer was accused in a lawsuit filed for raping a 17-year-old boy on a yacht in the Seattle area 14 years ago. The alleged victim, César Sánchez-Guzmán, said in the lawsuit that at a party in 2003, Singer drove him to a back room where he forced the teenager to have oral sex and then raped him. Later, Cesar told that

“he was a producer in Hollywood and that he could help Cesar get into acting as long as Cesar never said anything about the incident,”

and warned him that he could’

“hire people who are capable of ruining someone’s reputation”

if he denounced it, according to the lawsuit.

Singer’s lawyer, Andrew Brettler, said in a statement that the director

“categorically denies these allegations and will vehemently defend this lawsuit to the very end,”

and threatened to file a lawsuit for malicious prosecution on behalf of Singer.

“Cesar Sanchez-Guzman apparently claims that he did not remember this alleged incident from 2003 until now,”

Brettler said in the statement. The lawyer said Sánchez-Guzmán had failed to reveal this alleged claim against Singer when the accuser filed for bankruptcy.

According to the lawsuit, Singer was invited to a party on a yacht owned by technology investor Lester Waters in 2003. The party was largely populated by young gay men. The legal documents allege that Singer offered to take Guzmán on a tour of the gigantic boat. When the two arrived in one of the rooms, Singer is accused of throwing his body on top of Guzmán, he forced him to the floor, and pushed Guzmán’s face against his groin.

The director then, supposedly, demanded that Guzmán give him a blowjob. It gets worse, according to the lawsuit: Singer reportedly took the penis from Guzmán’s mouth, hit him in the face with him, ignored the pleas to stop him and made Guzmán choke when he reinserted his penis in the young man’s mouth.

This is not the first time that Singer has been accused of sexually abusing minors. In 2014, he was charged in separate federal lawsuits for raping and sexually assaulting children on a property in Hawaii and in a suite in a London hotel.

The plaintiffs in both cases also sued Gary Goddard, the Hollywood producer and director who has recently been charged again with sexual abuse. The Goddard publicist said the claims are false and defamatory.



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