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Cure For Hair Fall

Did You Find The Cure For Hair Fall?

Did You Find The Cure For Hair Fall? A study found that a drug against epilepsy increases the density and thickness of hair. Depending...
In The Pocket Of The Pants

5 Places Where You Shouldn’t Put Your Cell Phone (according to science)

The cell phones are indispensable for us. And in front of the notorious increase of its use, the specialists have several recommendations to give...

10 Very Simple Habits To Live Longer, Healthier and Happier

How to live longer, healthier and happier: If you are worried about your health, but do not want to deprive yourself of the charms...

8 Reasons To Drink Wine Every Day

"Wine washes our restlessness, flushes the soul to the bottom and ensures the healing of sadness." The phrase is attributed to Seneca, Roman writer...


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