Cristina Pedroche Turns Her Up Again On New Year’s Eve

The attire of Cristina Pedroche has already become a New Year’s Eve classic. As the protagonist had advanced weeks ago, it started to fuss again.

“I have thought about styling since last January 3. I could go all covered, but I do not want to.” That’s why when she appeared wrapped in an imposing dress of buttoned princess line, with a great volume, made with 10 meters of mikado of red silk and 15 meters of tulle, reinterpretation of Hervé Moreau’s Barge model, everything suggested that it would not last long.

That’s how it went. The presenter, already above the criticism of her look of the last night of the year, shed the dress to reveal a monkey that combines transparencies and applications of lace and chantilly, inspired by the Caraola dress that was presented as part of the Pronovias 50th Anniversary Parade.

The garment, similar to the one that took to welcome the 2016, has been made with 2 meters of tulle and 2 meters of lace embroidered by hand with silk thread, forming a tattoo effect drawing.

A total of 200 crystal brilliants add brilliance to the piece, with an opening on the back using buttons and lined buttons, which have also been applied on the Japanese sleeves and ankles.

The firm has dedicated more than 244 hours of work to its preparation.



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