UberThe famous Cab Company Uber has confirmed that it masked about a hack that affected 57 million customers and drivers worldwide.

This breach of 2016 remained hidden by this cab services firm which specially invested $100000 in hackers to delete the data. Bloomberg reported that this breach matter was in the knowledge of company’s former chief executive Travis Kalanick about a year ago.

The hackers were allocated to find the data of 57 million people in form of names, email addresses and mobile phone numbers.

Within that number, 600,000 drivers had their names and license details revealed. A resource page for those affected has already been set up.

Drivers have been presented free credit monitoring protection, but according to the statement given by Uber, affected customers will not be offered the same deal.

Uber did not confirm exact details of the hack and it is still not known which countries got affected but according to Bloomberg’s report, two hackers were able to access a private area of Github, an online resource for developers.

Well! This is a point of concern not only for the firm but also for all the Uber users as such acts can be destructive to both.



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