Donald Trump’s account shut down by a reprobate Twitter employee

Well! You won’t believe this but President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, @realdonaldtrump, literally got vanished from the Twitter’s site for almost 11 beautiful minutes just before 7PM ET.


No one knew what happened to the account as nothing was clear and Twitter also did not instantly retort to a appeal for comment.

But the things got a bit confirmed when in a series of tweets published by Twitter’s Government and Elections team when they started blaming the company directly and then smoothly accredited all the things on a reprobate employee who used his last day on the job to moon-boot the president of the service.

During that short time period, the president was unable to tweet abuses, vaunts or misinformation about terrorism.

People started tweeting about all this immediately and showed their reactions.

People-TweetsTwitter has already been monitoring Donald Trump’s tweets and they are planning to ban Trump over tweets that they considered as call to violence. The best part is that Twitter believes in justice and has said that it would impose the same rules for Trump as it does for others.




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