Dual Core 3G Tablet Thin And Lite Weight

Dual Core 3G Tablet Thin And Lite Weight: Tablets are the latest breakthroughs IBUY spectacular than the product the previous generation models.
Dual Core 3G Tablet Thin And Lite WeightF818 3G IBUY owns new style unique design, completely different products IBUY ago. The maximum reduction of excess detail, F818 exuding elegance, exquisite, drawn from the first sight.

Equipped with high-end chassis with the front glass is painted black and the back is shiny crust luxury ball, F818 confidence level expressed in a super slim body.

Products F818 tablet cheap in Korea exhibition has recently attracted a large customer for the sake of full tablet features: Android 4.1.2 operating system, attached sim phone, photography before and after video recording with flash, TV Out, front touch keys convenience.

We can say this is cheap tablet features the most complete.

F818 7 inch screen with 1024×600 resolution, running the latest Android OS 4.1, allowing installing thousands of applications, from CH Play game, 8GB memory machine, MediaTek chip brands from Taiwan Loan MTK8377 2 x 1.2 GHZ, 1GB DDR3, can connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi or 3G sim mounted directly on the machine.

This will be the tablet market leader in the segment of cheap well-suited for customers in Vietnam as it meets the necessary functions: learning , play games and entertainment.

Thin stylish 1.3 megapixel front camera and 2 megapixel with flash after shooting at night is very convenient.

MD818 tablet can watch online TV, movies via Wi-Fi or 3G, but also can watch TV online without using analog antenna.

F818 tablet supports capacitive multi-touch, very handy zoom images using 2 fingers, or playing games should work more touches on the screen at once.

This is a great tablet because almost fully supported, may be out of your large LCD TV via HDMI in the movie but not fussy, multiple video formats, save a few million to buy the HD.

In addition, the tablet is the ability to connect peripherals such as USB, cameras which is very convenient and no need to copy to your computer and then copy to the tablet which can connect directly from USB through tablet easily.



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