Enrique Iglesias Says ‘NO’ To The Wedding Of His Sister Ana Boyer

Ana Boyer and Fernando Verdasco are already enjoying their first days as husband and wife. The couple sealed their love on December 7 in a ceremony of the most intimate that has caused great media expectation.

The couple tried to reunite all their relatives in the Caribbean island of Mustique. An attempt that was not possible because one of the relatives closest to the bride did not attend the link. We talked about Enrique Iglesias, who would have been absent, according to the LOC, because he did not want to appear in the exclusive that the couple have sold to a well-known magazine.

This absence adds to all the controversy generated by the differences between the family of the groom and the bride. According to the aforementioned supplement, Verdasco’s friends would have been most annoyed to learn that Ana Boyer was paying for the accommodation of her closest friends in Mustique, something that was not offered to them.

To all this we must add the details that we already know about the link, such as the 217 diamonds that the daughter of Isabel Preysler wore or the alliances of the newlyweds. A series of controversies that will be resolved in the coming days when we see the couple pose with their guests in the exclusive that has cost the assistance of Enrique Iglesias.



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