Enrique Iglesias Sued Universal Music Group For Breach Of Contract

Enrique Iglesias accuses Universal Music Group of “systematically paying scant royalties” for the streaming of their songs, according to a lawsuit filed this Wednesday in the Federal Court of Miami.

According to the lawsuit, the Spanish considers that it receives a “small fraction” of fifty percent of the royalties it should receive for streaming, while its legal team speaks of “incorrect accounting” of those digital reproductions.

“Few relationships in the history of the music industry have achieved the commercial success of Enrique Iglesias and Universal, with one hundred million albums sold and billions of streaming,” says the statement of the musician’s lawyers collected by Billboard.

Because of this, both Iglesias and his lawyers emphasize that this activity of the label “has resulted in a deficit of millions of dollars. “Thus,they demand “that the court apply its rate of transmission and oblige Universal to pay the lost royalties.”

In this line, they argue that Universal – the musician’s stall since 1999 until his departure to Sony in 2015 – has erroneously insisted that the artists like Enrique Iglesias be paid for the streaming in the same way that they are paid for the sales of physical discs, despite the fact that production costs have been eliminated in the digital world.



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