Facebook Features Multiple People To Upload Photos

Facebook Features Multiple People To Upload Photos: Traditionally users Facebook can download to album created by yourself but will soon change thanks to Shared Photo has been introduced.
Facebook Features Multiple People To Upload PhotosThis feature allows up to 50 people and upload photos to an album and each one will be upload up to 200 images.

Thus, a total of one album can hold up to 10,000 sheets, ten times the 1000 figure panels are applied today.

You can imagine that after every outing with the agency or with the classroom, pictures of all the members will be in the same place, you will not need to browse all of this album for others to see more photos of the trip.

Facebook adds that the album owner can set up three different modes: let everyone upload only allow the designated person and their friends to share, or just one grant for those you specify only.

Owners can also delete or edit, add information to the image in your album, who also have the right to share only correcting what they had only one.

A spokesman for Facebook confirmed Shared Photo Albums currently only applies to personal accounts but not for the groups and pages.

It is known that the introduction of this feature based on feedback and suggestions from users as well as employees of Facebook.

Development Shared Group Photo Albums that feature has now been updated for a small group of Facebook users known He then gradually apply to all accounts globally.

In the future, Facebook is expected to develop other aspects of the Shared Photo Albums such as extended limit of 200 photos each enabling shared album on the mobile device.



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