Facebook Users Can Now Send HD Pictures via Facebook Messenger

Facebook Users Can Now Send HD Pictures via Facebook Messenger: Similar to Zalo or iMessage, photos sent via Facebook Messenger will no longer be downgraded to the same quality as before.

Photos sent via Facebook Messenger have long been an obsession for users to share or store, because the image quality is always reduced, the image is lightly tens of times faster to send. However, there have been so many complaints about the quality of photos sent through Messenger that Facebook has tried to include in high quality uploads.

This social network is being tested on a number of users in many countries, and can be widely applied in the near future.

To send high quality photos via Messenger, users simply select the feature of sending photos, click the “HD” button, choose between three “small”, “medium”, or “large”, then send.

The fast experience shows that despite sending the highest quality images, few MB of image files are reduced to a few hundred KB, but the sharpness and color are kept intact.

There are a number of Messenger users on iOS in Vietnam have received this feature, while Android users may have to wait a little more time.



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