Facebook Will Prohibit The Publication of Photos For The Sake Of Pornography

Source / Credit: pxhere.com

Facebook intends to prevent the publication of other people’s nude photos. The social network has already begun, together with the Australian government agency e-Safety, to test this new feature, which in the future will be able to prevent the publication of other people’s photos, on which a person is naked without his permission, that is, to “porn”.
After the tests, Facebook will create a certain digital imprint of the snapshot. When someone decides to upload the same photo with an identical digital imprint, then it will not work.

The function allows users of the social network to avoid “pornostomy” from their former partners. To protect their “bare” photos or videos, a person will have to send a picture  of himself in the Facebook Messenger application. There the program will create a digital print.

When another user decides to upload this photo to the network, the algorithm will automatically prohibit it. The first tool in the world for helping victims of pornography in October this year was created by Austria. The service will give people advice on the removal of photos and video materials, on which they are imprinted naked. He will also help in the preparation of lawsuits against the abuser.

Mitch Fifield, the Austrian Minister of Communications, suggested that administrative fines be imposed on the owners of resources involved in the placement of pornographic materials. Such laws already exist in Japan, Canada, New Zealand and many US states. Pornomest – public posting of photos or videos of nude and sexual materials of former partners without their consent.



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