Which Fashion Model Dominates The global Fashion World In 2017?

Gucci has overtaken many other fashion houses in the world to become the most prominent global brand in 2017.

Gucci Fashion World

Close the year of turbulent fashion, as the tide has witnessed the departure of many creative directors, as well as the strong development of street fashion.

Recently, the Lyst and Business of Fashion website has launched a list of global fashion brands in 2017.

The data of this report is based on a formula that analyzes the evolution of fashion houses through the number of searches, page views, and user interaction over the past year. In addition, the construction team tracks more than 70 million consumers, 4 million products and 12,000 brands to find the world’s most prominent fashion brand.

Balenciaga’s fashion brand has lost ground in Gucci’s aesthetic hands. Not only top the list, Italy fad also dominates when it owns the world’s leading products.

The success of the brand comes from the close connection of Creative Director Alessandro Michele to consumers in today’s technology.

Gucci holds the top spot in the list of the most prominent global brands.
After Gucci is Balenciaga. Not reaching the top of the list as of the fourth quarter of 2017, but the level of coverage of the French brand to street fashion followers is still very strong.

In addition, the next order also appeared many famous brands such as Valentino, OFF-White, Givenchy, Moncler, Stone Island or Balmain.

Fashion World In 2017Losing its place as the dominant fashion brand in 2017, thanks to its blend of street spirit and high fashion, Balenciaga has become a global favorite.
Analyzing the development and leading of the Gucci brand, professional critics have come up with their own insights. They analyze by the number of searches on Lyst and Google. In addition, in 2017 the Italian flea has owned 8 million more followers on Instagram own page.

Another success of Gucci comes from collaborating with Coco Capitan, Petra Collins and Helen Downie to create a different direction in the modern fashion industry.

Gucci Fashion World In 2018The high level of interaction with users and the level of French broadcasters across multiple channels has resulted in a 160% increase in search volume indexes (based on Tribe Dynamics statistics).

Keeping prices steady also makes it easy for brand owners to reach consumers from around the world. All of Gucci’s products are at the top of the list, priced at less than $ 500.

Will a new global site be built in 2017?

The success of the Italian brand comes from approaching the consumer through the stabilized products at the same price below $500.

That is the story of 2017, and also to 2018, experts are concerned that with the specific thinking in 12 collections, whether the Gucci brand will continue to lead or quickly be replaced by the change of Consumers in each season.

Creative director Alessandro Michele must surely find a way to maintain the distinction of the Italian brand in the fashion industry.



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