Fossil Launches Q Wander and Q Marshal SmartWatches

Fossil Announced Q Wander and Q Marshal SmartWatches: Fossil has expanded its product line with two new Android Smartwatches Q Wander and Q Marshal.

Fossil Launches Q Wander and Q Marshal SmartWatchesBoth watches will have two different designs & sizes, and will be available this year in a price range of 275USD and 300 USD. Both watches will be available in smaller designs.

Q Wander Android Smartwatch will come in 44mm while Q Marshal Android Smartwatch will come in 46mm. Q Wander has more feminine design with yellow, soft appearance, along with a leather strap are interchangeable. Meanwhile, Q Marshal trimmed with navy blue, leather strap classic form.

In terms of features, Q Wander and Q Marshal are no different than Fossil Q Founder as all three watches have a brighter touchscreen. Fossil says that the SmartWatch will go on sale, along with new wireless charger which is thinner than the Q Founder wireless charger.

Fossil said that they will launch all these new Android wear this year (2016). One of them will be Q Motion: a new tracking device (tracking everyday activities) with features such as receiving notifications from smartphones or tracking user movements. Q Motion will hit store shelves this summer in a price range of 95USD.

The company also revealed the analog smartwatches. The watch can alert users when a call, also can track the movement or automatically update the time zone when the user moves from one country to another. Fosssil called them “the overall balance between fashion and technology”.



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