Good Bye 3D Glasses

Good By 3D Glasses

MIT reports that Computer Science School and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Weizmann Institute of Science have created a way for the public to watch 3D movies without having to wear those goofy glasses.

This is a big deal, given that current experiences without 3D glasses, as 3DS Nintendo handheld, you need to view the display from a single position.

The technology is called 3D Cinema, it works by placing a series of mirrors and lenses behind the screen to ensure that viewers are able to get a 3D view in theater.

MIT says the prototype required 50 sets of mirrors and lenses. 3D Cinema is not quite ready to hit the market.

Still, if you’ve ever had to wear 3D glasses on the specifications of your order, you can imagine the usefulness of this technology could be.



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