Google Glass Capture Pictures With Winky

Google Glass Let You Take Pictures With Just Winky: Winky is an open source application that takes a snapshot to detect a strong blink of an eye.
Google GlassWith the augmented reality glasses Google will no longer need to activate the camera by voice or the touch of a button.

Developers around the world are creating an ecosystem around Google augmented reality glasses Glass.

In many cases they say that a second can be key when taking a snapshot and can cause a photo that might have been perfect just end up being pretty.

This is the statement that has led to Mike DiGiovanni, developer Roundarch Isobar to launch Winky, the application for Google Glass that allows users to take snapshots through the simple wink of an eye without activating the device camera by voice or the touch of a button.

This system saves a few seconds, sometimes crucial for the realization of a picture, “I could not imagine what it takes to say ‘Ok, take a picture Glass’ or push of a button”, the developer Mike DiGiovanni said, “is a context switch that takes place at the time, although only for a few seconds. “

Google Glass Capture PicturesDiGiovanni said to have taken more pictures since this application has compared to the other days in which Google has tested the Glass.

“My timeline really now has become a timeline of where I’ve been” the developer of the application said.

At the beginning of its development, the glasses flicker detected any user as a wink.

However, DiGiovanni says being able to meet that error causing only a snapshot is performed to detect a strong blink of an eye.

Winky is an open source application so its kernel is available online for those who want it.



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