Google Glass Privacy Could Violate Human Rights

Google Glass Privacy Could Violate Human Rights: The research team’s survey reveals that 72 percent of Americans reject and be worried about Google’s Glass when released to the market.
Google Glass Privacy Could Violate Human RightsThe rejection was based on concerns over the abuse of Google’s smart glasses by those irresponsible people. Reasons of privacy and security are the most widely expressed concern.

Two out of five people say very worried their personal data will end up in the hands of evil people who use Google Glass. While others say fear every move was staked and recorded by Google Glass secretly.

However, others believe the device will use Google Glass is good and right for positive things . As many as 28 percent of people said very enthusiastic about Google’s Glass and want to buy it.

Meanwhile survey did not say whether Google Glass will expand, explode and become a trend in the market.

But certainly with the presence of smartphones, tablet computers, smart watches, and now Google Glass, each one should be careful when his whole life has been connected to the internet.



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