Google Ideas Wireless Balloons To Distributed Internet

Google Is Planning To Introduce Wireless Balloons To Help And Distributed Internet. Google aims to help wire the world’s leading Internet billion or more new people, small towns and cities outside the major urban areas of South-East Asia and sub-Saharan Africa – with special balloons to transmit the wireless connection.

Google Ideas Wireless Balloons
Google plans to partner with local telecoms companies and equipment suppliers in emerging markets for the development of networks and modelling to support business, people familiar with the project, according to The Wall Street Journal

Networks can also be used to improve the speed of Internet in urban centres, according to the newspaper.

To accelerate the diffusion of the Internet in these areas, the company has worked on special blimps, called high altitude platform, to transmit a signal across hundreds of square miles.

Google has also considered that helps create a network of satellites.

There will be a technology that will be the silver bullet which means that each market requires a unique solution, said a person familiar with Google’s plans.



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