Google Translator With New Handwriting Feature

Google Translator New Editing Features: Google now presents handwriting features in Google Translate. This feature allows users to write their own posts with hard letters.
Google Translator With New Handwriting FeatureJapanese, Chinese, and Arabic, etc and then translated by their gadgets by Google Translate.Google reveals, this feature is provided for the traveler who currently travel to countries with languages ​​that do not use the letters of the alphabet or has complicated letters.

Can imagine if a British tourist who was a walk to China and see the street names with writing that is not understood. With handwriting input features of Google Translate, its just write or draw a silly row of letters on his smartphone or tablet, and then stay translate into the desired language.

Handwriting feature allows you to translate phrases, even if you did not know the meaning and did not know how to type the character.

For example, you see the writing in Chinese characters, but you do not know how to type in the text. With Handwriting feature, you just need to mimic the shape of the piece and then translate it.

Handwriting feature has been provided by Google in 45 kinds of language that are considered complicated character. Among them are Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Laos, and Greece.



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