How Apple Really Makes Its Money

While Facebook was just like Google celebrates after the takeover of WhatsApp by investors after the acquisition of nest, pouring over Apple’s criticism.
How Apple Really Makes Its MoneyBut could the Group as an acquisition actually brought more than their own share buybacks? How Apple reconstitutes.

Before the general meeting it ran for Apple anything other than round. first time in years, the company was forced to concede major vulnerabilities in the company’s own operating systems iOS and OSX and then classified again analysts the company’s value down : as so often in the past years.

This time there were representatives of the third largest British bank Barclays, the overweight the judgment corrected to neutral.
The reason is the increasingly expectant incomprehension, for the rest of Tim Cook.

Neither he presses ahead with new products forward yet he makes large investments.

The company sits on nearly 160 billion euros, making it one of the richest corporations in the world. The competition has fewer qualms about spending money:
Samsung recently dashed forward at the Mobile World Congress with new smartphones, tablets and fitness gadgets. With the Galaxy S 5, the South Koreans have even introduced the fingerprint sensor which hitherto had been Apple’s selling point.

Microsoft secured the end of last year, the smartphone division of Nokia and also Marissa has her move to the Yahoo tip permanent shopping tour. Several startups given the firm incorporated already. The largest acquisition was the purchase of this blog format Tumblr for a whopping 1.1 billion U.S. dollars last year.

However, the deal is nothing compared to the purchase, the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made. For 16 billion U.S. dollars of the social media king bought the short messaging service WhatsApp. A strategic purchase, with which Facebook has on the one hand a younger target group and especially in creating an ever-growing service.

Apple Stands Passively

Apple looks at the goings of his competitors – without becoming active. It should Google’s purchase of thermostats manufacturer for Apple have been painful but is networked home one of the great markets of the future, and Nest Labs would have been an interesting partner.

Instead updatet Tim Cook a smartphone and tablet after another. 6 Even from the iPhone, no one expected the big hit. According to rumors, the group will adapt from the California Cupertino especially the screen size in the direction Phablet that is a blend of tablet and smartphone.

The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs had always rejected this format and supports the one hand principle. Specifically: The smartphone must be operated with one hand. Meanwhile, however, has shown us that there is a market for different formats, especially Samsung. And even Nokia has already loaded with a comprehensive range of products in different price categories.

The price that is playing a growing role for the customer. At the same technical advantages are low, which brings a premium model with it. Sensors such as thermometers, Fingerprints to lock the smartphone or elements for mobile payment seem to interest the customer less than space, a good camera and speed. And the rear factors have improved massively in recent years in the mid-size segment. Today have been around for 400 euros a series devices on the market that have a Full HD display or 2 gigabytes of RAM.

For Apple , the bad news is that the Americans set but still get their expensive products with a fat margin, which have earned the company finally introduced so high profits. Nevertheless, Tim Cook left and for good reason.

Although the company always drummed vigorously outwards for its hardware. iPod, iPhone and iPad have become one of the flagship, the recognition value of the company.

But earned in the background Apple now also a completely different place big money.

Thanks to the existing clientele booming platforms iTunes, iBooks and app stores. Only in the first quarter of 2014, the company has here taken 4.4 billion U.S. dollars an increase of 19 percent compared to the same quarter last year. It is likely that the company will act much more than previously based its growth on this eCommerce sales.

Evidence for this was provided Tim Cook personally when he introduced the fingerprint sensor as part of the presentation of the iPhone 5S. “People love how easy it is to shop with the help of Apple’s products” he said. And that increases the willingness also to spend the money. By introducing TouchID falls away even enter a secret code.

In the U.S., a number of stationary retailers have already begun to equip their businesses with a corresponding Bluetooth transmitter that allows the customer paying by fingerprint on the smartphone.

What To Do With All That Money?

The question remains – What is Apple with its billion before? An indication Tim Cook has also given itself. The mobile operating system iOS is more to come in the automotive industry to use as the company’s chief announced on the last developer conference WWDC. For the Italian carmaker Ferrari Apple has already developed a cockpit infotainment system.

The basis for the technology on the one hand the iPad Mini and especially the voice recognition software Siri.

In this case, the Apple sales platforms will play a role in the network.

For as the market research firm Gartner estimates more than 80 percent of all new vehicles will be networked devices in the established markets of 2020.

This could by 2017 one in four car makers make money with connected in-vehicle e-commerce transactions.

Apple wants to be close to the stock market favorite in the question about the integration of software in cars Tesla . Only recently transpired that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already taken in early 2013 with Adrian Percia in Apple’s headquarters. Because Percia at Apple is responsible for the acquisitions of the company, rumors were quickly aloud, the iPhone inventor would even take the electric car manufacturers. Musk has now denied these rumors in a Bloomberg interview.

Although the company was approached last year by some companies, but wanted to grow independently. Was being talked about a year ago in Cupertino, is not yet clear. Maybe it could have gone even on the topic of battery technology; a subject of which both companies could benefit.

Anyway, Apple will proceed in terms of automotive industry continues – it is for the company is a relatively new field in which investments in personnel, research and development are sorely needed. Because the competition is not sleeping. Google has already taken care of at the beginning of the year for a bombshell. The company, together with the car manufacturers Audi , General Motors , Honda and Hyundai announced a collaboration.

In the new bodies its manufacturer will the Android operating system to be installed.

Furthermore, Apple will probably invest more in the medical field. And it is the Group less to sensors on the iPhone, which measure the pulse. As the famous sound engineer Tomlinson Holman recently the San Francisco Chronicle announced that the company in the development of acoustic devices, the heart sounds and the flow of blood work to analyze. Such devices could help detect heart attacks or arrhythmia early.

In addition, leading Apple executives end of January are said to have met with the Food and Drug Administration. The U.S. agency deals with, among other things, the approval of drugs. In the discussions it should according to the New York Times to be “mobile medical applications” gone.

No Fear Of Investments

A realignment of the company Apple has long since begun. Although much is still speculation about when because now comes an iWatch or iTV. But on closer inspection, the company seems to line up next to the business with mobile devices quite different. Certainly, the smartphone pioneer will not diminish in the area gadgets. But if it is to dash for the group is really worth using a computer clock or a fitness bracelet forward is questionable. Currently, it seems, so Apple would rather wait and enter only at a higher demand from the mass market with its own products. The coming years will be the example of Samsung show whether it was worth it, press ahead with the wearables so.

The fact that Apple does not participate in the new buying frenzy in Silicon Valley, is titled by some experts as an example. After all, it is Apple currently possible to calm the force applied by analysts’ estimates by markets alone again.

A few weeks ago, the Group bought back by its own account shares with a value of 14 billion dollars. Background was a collapse of the course, after the sales had been lower at Christmas than analysts expected. A share buy-back provides generally that the price rises again. The fewer shares in circulation, the higher the proportion attributable to the individual shareholder. Accordingly, investors welcome Apple’s approach – which is possible only thanks to the bulging purse.

On the other hand, the Group has had to cope with strong losses by buying. The stock has plummeted in the last week of 546 to 525 U.S. dollars.

Apple’s reticence on the market could still have another wise reason – Some bulk purchases have been found in recent years as a bad investment for example, the Palm acquisition by Hewlett-Packard or Google’s Motorola purchase and sale.

And even with Zuckerberg’s WhatsApp Shopping for 16 billion U.S. dollars remains to be seen whether the company will not slow down even more. Finally, who has Facebook CEO already announced to step on the brake shopping first.
Apple , however, inclined to shop around further – wisely. Contrary to the perception of many, the group is not afraid to take money in the hand. But instead of the high-profile mega-deals is Apple to small startups.

In the last quarter of 2013, the iPhone maker has invested at least $ 525 million in acquisitions – twice as much as the year before. Among the acquisitions were companies like the Israeli startup PrimeSense, data analysis tool Topsy and a number of companies for mapping software. Overall, the company has incorporated over the past year and a half over 20 startups.



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