How To Clean Your Laptop Screen Without Damaging?

Screen cleaning is a simple task but cleaning laptop screen in an improper way will damage your laptop. Laptop screens now have more durability and resolution than predecessors. However, dirt or fingerprints on the screen can reduce sharpness and longevity.

How To Clean Your Laptop Screen In The Right WayTherefore, frequent cleaning is extremely important. Here are some ways to clean the screen completely without damaging your laptop.

Cleaning Dust Using Microfiber

This is a special fabric used for cleaning glasses or cameras. Bath towels are soft enough for screen cleaning but usually leave fiber. Toilet paper is too rough. Overcoming these two disadvantages, microfiber cloth is the optimal choice to clean the laptop screen.

How To Do It

Prepare a microfiber cloth (for glasses and cameras). Then power off the machine to ensure safety and easy to spot dust on the screen. Wipe the screen slightly in one direction. Do not wipe in circles or rub it as it will be difficult to remove dust thoroughly and you may damage the screen. Wipe the screen until dust is gone.

Cleaning Stain Using Sponge

Sometimes, the laptop screen is stained with dust. At this time, you can’t clean it with fiber because the fiber will also get dirty. So it is best to use a sponge foam. This method requires the use of distilled water, filtered or demonized water. Avoid using tap water as it can leave streaks on the screen.

How To Do It

Turn off the computer, remove the battery. Then, dip sponge into water and let drain. Next, wipe the area to be cleaned on the screen. Be careful not to drip water. After cleaning, wait for the screen to dry before folding. Lubricating grease or adhesive, using specialized cleaning solution

There are stains that can not be cleaned with a towel or sponge. At this time use specialized detergent for the screen. The solution can be bought at the store or homemade by mixing distilled water with vinegar or alcohol containing high isopropyl alcohol. Avoid using glass cleaning solutions as well as spray anything directly on the screen.

How to: turn off the power, remove the battery. Next, spray or pour the cleaning solution onto the cloth (only moist but not wet). Rub on the oiled surface in small circles, avoid crushing the screen or leaving a stain. Continue to clean until clean. Do not let dripping liquids onto the screen and keyboard. Wait for the display to dry before you fold or start the machine.



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