How To Read WhatsApp Web Messages Without Opening The Chat

The most famous version of the PC messenger has its tricks. We teach you an infallible one.

The most used messaging service, Whats App has a web version. Normally when working from the computer or having the cell phone away, the application can take shape on the screens through a QR code. The web version works identically to the one used on the mobile device, that is, when you click on a message it is marked as read and if you are using it you appear online.

However, it is possible to read the messages without opening the conversation that interests you and without your contacts knowing that you have been able to access them. The Whats App Web interface allows us to see on the left a list with all the active chats and on the right the conversation that we have selected.

Therefore, to get read the messages “hidden” the solution is more than simple: all you have to do is position the cursor on the conversation that is not read and a small label will appear where you can read what your contact he wrote you.

No need to click, just pose the cursor. Only the last message will be observed and there is no option to read the previous ones. Of course, it is possible that the person sees you online and may wonder why you should not respond. The option is also available for group conversation



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