How To Uninstall Apps On Android

How To Uninstall Unnecessary Applications On Android: All Android phones are sold and all pre-installed applications that though you may not ever use, therefore you can not remove them easily.
how to Uninstall Android AppsWorse, you also see a few of them are run underground, consume processing resources of the machine.

Unless you have a root Android their job is risky and could lose warranty, you will not be able to completely eliminate the redundant applications this from memory.

However, just by following a few simple steps and the condition of your device is running Android 4.0 or later, you can make them go away, and not let them stop running underground.

Follow These Steps:

1. Access to the settings.

2. In Section Application. Some devices will display items with different names as Manager applications.

3. Slide to the right to enter all cards.

4. Choose applications you want to turn off.

5. Click Uninstall updates (uninstalled updates) if necessary. If you do not see it that only key Uninstall (Disable), perhaps applications it is not installed and you can click the button to remove it completely.

6. Choose Off.

Now applications it will disappear from the menu applications and will never boot again.

If you want to enable it, you only repeat the same steps and press the On button.



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